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Made of picture-perfect sunsets and impossible beauty, Honnemaradu is located on the backwaters of Sharavathi River in Karnataka. A treat for adventure enthusiasts, the holiday spot is home to many waterfalls and small hideouts that spell a great holiday. The most famous spot here is the Honnemaradu Reservoir, which plays host to a number of thrilling water sports. Kayaking, river rafting and trekking are among the popular ones and are a must try. Lying close by to Honnemaradu is the city of Sagar, which is the popular hub of the region. From shopping to delicious food, everything is available here. Do visit the stunning Jog Falls, which are considered to be the second highest waterfall in India. This fall in Honnemaradu traces its source to river Sharavathi and is surrounded by lush green mountains and wispy clouds. The local cuisine of this region reflects the rich Karnataka cuisine. It can be tried at Hotel Vijaya Bharati, Hotel Swagat and Hotel Swathi. Though, Honnemardu is a small village and does not have many lodging options, the Tamil Nadu Government's adventure camp called The Adventurers is the perfect place for an ultimate camping experience.
It was foggy, chilly weather. and was colder than Bangalore. I believe it rained a bit last night. After some time our guide came and pick us to homestay. A warm welcome with tea/coffee and local food for breakfast was served later.
Purnima Singh
It’s a small settlement, more like a village, near the famous Jog Falls, or Talaguppa, in Shivamogga district. Lesser known than other tourist spots in Karnataka, Honnemaradu falls near the back waters of the Shravathi river, clearly and scenically overlooking the Linganamakki reservoir. This makes it an amazing getaway for nature lovers and weekend escapades, of course I added it into my offbeat itinerary for this trip. Besides, it gave way to the adventure I seek- in the form of some fun water sports like windsurfing and kayaking.
Aakanksha Magan
Picture-perfect sunsets and breathtaking beauty await those who travel through dusty unpaved roads to reach the stunning Honnemaradu. Located near the backwaters of Sharavathi River in Karnataka, Honnemaradu, the golden lake, is a hidden gem that is a treasure trove for adventure enthusiasts and outdoorsy travellers. Thick green trees, intense blue water and sand-coloured pebbles that twinkle in the light make Honnemaradu a divine weekend getaway.