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This is a small border town in the Coorg District or Kodagu District of Karnataka and is the gateway to the Wayanad District of Kerala. It is also a gateway to the the Nagarhole National Park if you are coming from the Kerala side. The town is actually in a place through which the the borders of both the states pass by. This town in spite of not having any such tourist attractions is a tourist hotspot due to its location which is very close to a number of attraction. The nearby attractions include the Iruppu Waterfalls, Gonikoppal, Tholpety and Virajpet. You have two options when it comes to home stay resorts- you can either choose Gonikoppal or stay at Kutta only.
As kids, many of us have watched fairytales on TV every Sunday morning, but in real life how many of us have got a chance to live or even be at a place like that? Well I have!! A place which is far from the maddening crowd and amidst a huge coffee plantation. Where Drongo's make such cute yet unusual sounds that it blows your mind away. A place where huge mammals are welcome as well as cute little pups..a place which I call "LALALAND"
Harita Vinnakota
We stayed at a lovely home stay called - Spice Glade, Bajekolly estate managed by a wonderful couple - Jesvin, Cariappa From this place we visited the Nagarhole tiger reserve as well as Wayanad tiger reserve Bird sightings Kutta (near Wayanad Sanctuary) - Black drongo,Bronze drongo,Plum headed parakeet,Magpie robin, Common woodpecker,Hill Mynah, Red vented bulbul , Little spider hunter Nagarhole -Indian roller, Grey Hornbill