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The laid back beach of Maravanthe is one of the most beautiful beaches that Karnataka has to offer. What makes this corridor of the coastline unique is that the National Highway 17 and the Suparnika river run parallel to its rocky shore. If you plan to take a road trip along the highway, you’re in for a stunning visual treat. The beach, with the swaying palm trees, crystal clear water of the Arabian and clear blue sky, is a great place to relax. Water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving can be enjoyed at Maravanthe. The Maraswamy Temple is located next to the beach, which looks dazzling with its virgin white sand. An opportunity that you cannot let go of is to witness and also possibly indulge in fishing along with the coastal fishermen. Tucked away in a corner is the Turtle Bay Beach Resort that almost merges with the sand and the sea. Grab a beer and watch the beauty of the confluence of nature as the sun goes down the horizon. If you are looking forward to spending some time away from the bustling cities, Maravanthe is an ideal beach to hit because of it serenity and picturesque setting.
Kitty Iyer
Once I had a name, thanks to Google, I found more about this place. Shetty’s Lunch Home is a non-pretentious eatery, off the main road in Kundapur, a small town about 18 km south of Maravanthe. It is the birthplace of the most famous ghee roast. This recipe was invented by late Thejappa Shetty in 1957, and was handed down by him to his family who is running this family-owned restaurant. Everyone told me to order it on the phone before I went, so I called them up and asked them to prepare the chicken, prawn, mushroom and paneer renditions. (Ordered this for the four very hungry souls and not just me!)
Kitty Iyer
No trip to Coastal Karnataka is complete without a visit to Maravanthe. This highway, from where you can see the Arabian sea on one side and the Souparnika river on the other, is 54 km from Kapu beach. Maravanthe Beach is spectacular and is very peaceful.
Akshaya Lele
Road along the sea literally! A good 3-4 kms of this road is surrounded by sea on both sides.
Arunabha Majumdar