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This is a historic village in the Shimoga District of Karnataka and was the last capital of the Keladi rulers, who kep serving the people here even in the Independence Era. Later, Hyder Ali captured the ford here and named the place Hydernagar. The fort, palace, Devaganga Tank, Neelakanteshwara Temple and Guddevenkatramanaswamy Temple are other attractions here. The remains of the fort on top of a hill still remain with the sister tanks and also a canon fixed till now.
Raj Abhishek
You arrive at the home stay, chill out in the evening for a bit, and go to sleep early as you're pretty tired I'm sure. Next day needs to start early too if you want to visit a fort nearby before heading back to Bangalore. This place is called Nagara, and the fort here had been constructed by a famous ruler of this region, Shivappa Nayaka ( 17th century ). Though not much remains inside the fort now, but you can walk your way to a very interesting hill inside it ( yes ! ), and reward yourself with surrounding views !An hour is easily spent, and you now head back to Bangalore through Shimoga city ( where you can have your lunch ), and beyond ! We started off from the homestay not later than 9 am, and managed to reach Bangalore after 13 hrs or a little more. We had 2 stops on our way as mentioned earlier ( the fort and for lunch ); a little more than an hr each for both of them, and then there was a brief chai-stop in the evening as well. The traffic on the highway did increase in the evening, even as we approached Bangalore ( The usual story near Bangalore over the weekends ! ).Last but not the least, When To Go: Well well, except for the hot summer months ( April till June ), and peak rainy season ( July-August ), this trek can be done at any time of the year. Not to mention, just after monsoons will be great timing ( Sept-Oct ), with greenery in full force all around you. Even the fort looks pretty different after the rains ( check out it's pics on the web ).We had been here in December, and it was reasonably hot during the day. The green patches had already started to become quite brownish ( dry ).It was nevertheless a very fulfilling weekend. Wishing you guys a happy Kodachadri !
Deeptangan Pant
Another relic of the Nayakas era that has survived the march of time is the fort in the village of Nagara, earlier known as Bidnur. It was the last capital of the Keladi Kings before they disappeared in the mazes of history, their glory relegated to books on dusty shelves. Although the monument is in ruins, a few structures like the outer walls, bastions, basement of palaces and wells are preserved and give a fair idea of the layout of the fort. The elevated mounds in the fort offer beautiful views of the Western Ghats and paddy fields dotted with ponds.