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Nagarhole National Park

It is a national parl located in Kodagu district as was declared as a Project Tiger tiger reserve, it covers the Western Ghats ad moves down to Kerala and is about 645 sq kms in area.
The Nagarhole National Park is a great escape for little wildlife enthusiasts—go on safaris and nature walks to spot elephants and tigers, stay in a luxury cottage at The Serai, and have picnics by the stream. For an up, close, and personal experience, visit the Dubare Elephant Camp and feed the giants, learn about their care, and give them a bath.You can take a more relaxed pace in the misty hills of Coorg, where the sweet aroma of coffee tickles your senses. Plantation walks, bird watching, village excursions, trekking, and golfing— Coorg is delightful all year long. Book the Lily Pool Bungalow at Orange County Coorg and give your kids their own private courtyard and pool. The resort also offers a coffee lounge, a library, a spa, and a range of dining experiences.
Pratiksha Mohanty
Our drive from Bangalore began around 4:30 in the morning. Although most of the journey we were fast asleep however the morning glory of the sun brought us some beautiful surprises along our way . As we drove through the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, we chanced upon some beautiful deer and also a peacock.
Manoj Kumar
When the whole world seemed like it ended (don't think I am a love failure, I just got bored with the routine life of urbanization:P ), I decided to take a break from my mundane day-to-day life between office and home. I wanted to head towards some natural place with less human intervention. I wanted to head towards somewhere rich in flora and fauna. Somewhere the sounds of everything natural will occur and treat our ears. And I came up with this place. Nagarhole.I researched to find it amusing and also nearer to some other similar places if this one fails to please me.I packed me bag, with a survival kit for 3 days, borrowed a 5000 from my friend, since it was almost the end of the month :PI just booked a ticket to Mysore. Nothing more was planned. All else came in just on the flow. Like, the ride shared from Mysore to Nagarhole. Or the accomodation arranged with a troop of photographers. Or even the next 3 days with total strangers on the soil of Kodagu district. I just thoroughly enjoyed the place and its scenic beauty. Along with the sounds of nature it presented every now and then.A fascinating wildlife trip on a simple note. Relax. And Rejuvenate.
One of the best rides I have taken so far .
Adithya Rao
A perfect spot to spot wildlife