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Karwar Beach

Chirag S K
On reaching Kaiga, we were told (rather we knew) that the nuclear power plant is a restricted area. It was not a disappointment since we had no expectations of gaining entry whatsoever. We continued on the same highway and we reached our final destination of this tour, Karwar, at around 15:30. However, there was a big procession in the town and it took us nearly half-an-hour to get to Rabindranath Tagore beach. We wanted to witness sunset from the famous Kali river bridge. Sitting at the beach was the perfect time to recollect and rejoice about how memorable the journey had been so far. We also got a chance to remember and discuss about our college days.
Husena Vadnagarwala
Have you ever travelled and discovered Goa beyond 90 km? No. I think you should, otherwise you are missing something, you are missing Mother Nature at her beautiful best. Yes, Karwar is beauty abound. I took off from Goa, for Karwar, driving on the NH17 highway, reached Karwar - Emerald Bay, A Sterling Holidays Resort. Checked-in to my room and wow! I didn't believe in the destination, not before I walked up to the balcony and I stood there, right there, mesmerized!Since it was 7 pm by the time I settled down, I thought of ordering food in the room and relaxing. Believe me, the silence that surrounds you in the evening in Karwar is remarkable. It's the perfect silence that you need to relax. And yes, the resort manager did ask me to join him for the morning walk as morning is the best time to feel Karwar and drench your soul.