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This is a Coastal Town at the point where the River Kali meets the Arabian Sea. The beautiful beach here is a natural port where ships and come and go from. This is also an important trade point. The place is calm and beautiful with the light blue sea waters here. The main activities you can do here are boating and paragliding or you can just sit on the beach and enjoy a small picnic.
Best time to visit Karwar is from November to March

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Devbag beach is undoubtedly the best beach in Karwar....

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The auto took us to Hotel Navarathna on Karwar Main Road....

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It is a stretch of the beach which is said to have inspired Tagore. It was here in Karwar that he wrote Prakritir Pratishodha, Nature’s Revenge, a dramatic poem. He was very much in love with the beach town and used to frequent it often in search of solitude and when he faced a writer’s block. An annual fest is held here every year. I am yet to experience that though. I was here at dawn and the view of twilight was breathtaking. Slowly, the sun awakened the town and fishermen came out in full display of their fishing skills. It is great to just relax by the beach and introspect on your life. It is a different feeling altogether.
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Have you ever travelled and discovered Goa beyond 90 km? No. I think you should, otherwise you are missing something, you are missing Mother Nature at her beautiful best. Yes, Karwar is beauty abound. I took off from Goa, for Karwar, driving on the NH17 highway, reached Karwar - Emerald Bay, A Sterling Holidays Resort. Checked-in to my room and wow! I didn't believe in the destination, not before I walked up to the balcony and I stood there, right there, mesmerized!Since it was 7 pm by the time I settled down, I thought of ordering food in the room and relaxing. Believe me, the silence that surrounds you in the evening in Karwar is remarkable. It's the perfect silence that you need to relax. And yes, the resort manager did ask me to join him for the morning walk as morning is the best time to feel Karwar and drench your soul.
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This is the capital of the state of Goa and is probably the smallest state capital. Panaji is also the headquarters of the North Goa District and is situated on the banks of the Mandovi River Estuary is the Tiswada Region. The more popular name is Panaji but Panjim is also a commonly used term. This was the name by which the Portuguese used to address this city. When the whole of India got independence, Goa was still under the colonial rule of the Portuguese who freed it a number of years later. The Portuguese effect is what you will get in each and every thing of Goa and Panjim too. The attractions here are the lovely white church, the food that you will get here and of course the different types of building lined on the sides of the narrow streets. These houses are the remains of the various clans who have ruled here including the Latins and the Portuguese. The houses look beautiful and brightly coloured and many of them have simple yet pretty wrought iron balconies too. Many of these are now either resorts for budget concious travellers or restaurants for the ones who love to taste Portuguese and Goan cuisine.


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