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Belum Caves

VivEk V NaIr
Me and my friends started walking through the longest cave in India. Around half an hour went ,we sweat ,tired but my mind was completely like "wanna complete this". Two of my friends gave up to walk, Then me and Amarnath continued walking......when I had touch the walls ,I felt nostalgic. An area inside
Offbeat Voyagers
The journey took us around an hour which we utilized for a power nap. Once we were close enough to the cave compound, we could see the name "Belum Caves" written on the hill just beside the caves. After we got off the bus and started walking towards the caves we realized how sunny it was but on the plus side the wind blows just right to neutralize the feeling of the heat. On the way to the caves stands a statue of Buddha meditating with the hill in the backdrop.
The next morning, it was time to explore the Gandikota fort and the Madhavaraya Swamy Temple. The view from the 'Gandikota Penna River view' is amazing. It is best to visit the fort to see the sunrise on the river.
Mamtha Ramachandra
After enjoying the view till our heart contented, it was time to leave and head to our last destination-Belum caves. Its the largest and longest cave system open to the public. We took a guide to take us around and tell us about the Cave and its history.
Bharat Parida