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Belum Caves

Belum caves and Fish SpaWe said our goodbyes to the beautiful resort and left for Belum caves. Belum Caves is the second-largest and longest cave open to the public in India. From the entrance, it reaches a depth of 46m and covers a maximum length of 3229m.We were greeted with a magnificent Buddha statue standing tall.
Jageshwar Mohan
once you reached belum caves it will be opened at 10am so you can have the breakfast in oppsite of belum caves, we ate in that cost around 70rs for 3 of us and we went to belum caves. The ticket cost for belum caves for adult 65rs and kids 45rs. It takes maximum 2 to 3hrs to explore and view is good in inside of belum cavesNow Its Time to Reach Gandikota from Belum Caves with Local Transportonce you done with belum caves have some drinks and complete your lunch in the same hotel, We suggest you to eat meals and chapatti other foods are not good enough and the cost of meals is 70rs per head
Kardam Doshi
=> Drive to Belum Caves - 60 km, reach to Belum Caves by 12 noon=> Time required to visit full cave is 2-3 hours.=> Government have arranged big bulbs at many places in the cave so no need to carry torch or head lamp. Big fans are also kept at main caves to pump in fresh air and to avoid suffocation.=> It is a great place for all ages people.=> Cautions: Do mind your head. And It is slippery at some places.=> Do not miss the main attraction - the lime stones called Stalactite and Stalagmite. Patal ganga is also nice place to visit deep inside cave.
Lantern Swapnil
If you've come all the way to Gandikota it would be a miss if you didn't visit the Belum caves on the way back. We checked out of our hotel in the morning, and the drive was beautiful. Blue sky, green grassy landscape with windmills everywhere. Once you spot the huge hill with the word "Belum" written on it next to the Buddha statue, you'll know you've arrived. The caves as I heard were pretty big (2nd largest cave in India and about 3299m with a depth of 46m.) and so we decided to take a guide along with us, because who better could guide us down there? (didn't wanna be lost inside, for real.) Once you're inside, you'd realise with time that the oxygen content down there is....pretty low. There were blowers placed inside to allow fresh air to flow in but that too felt insufficient at times. It got pretty humid at certain points and some passage ways became so narrow that you needed to crawl your way out. We tried our best to go as deep as we could but after a certain point we stopped and decided to head back. All in all, it was a very different experience, if you are successful in exploring all parts of the cave, you'd be superman. Sigh.My weekend seemed pretty eventful after this trip of having discovered the nicest places that I had very less idea of that even existed! My pictures dont even reflect half the beauty of this place, but you MUST go here atleast once in your life if the Grand Canyon of Arizona has not already been ticked off your bucket list.Here's a small video I made on the trip: