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Academy of Fine Arts

Sudeshna Mitra
10. Academy of Fine ArtsKolkata is the land of Tagore and known across the world for literature and literature loving intellectuals. To get a flavor of this intellect, one must come in front of the Academy Fine Arts in the evening. The name of this place itself states the choice of the people who come here. This area has the biggest cinema theatre in West Bengal with the biggest screen, exhibition spaces and some small and big stage theatres some which are dream destinations for the theatre artists to perform. It is also the place which hosts the Kolkata International Film Festival every year welcoming cinema from across the globe. In short, this is a second home for the intellectuals of the city. Here during the evening time, one will get the flavor of Kolkata's best streets foods besides the aroma of the city's culture. Harida is the man who has been selling ta over here since the time this place was constructed. His tea is not just the favorite of the regular visitors, but he also is the witness of a lot of changes, ups and downs and a lot more that this city has gone through. Besides tea, you also have a huge choice of snacks like the fish finger, fish fry, spring roll, momo, etc.It is impossible to uphold the list of the best street food outlets of Kolkata in one article. Kolkata, being the city of joy has a lot in its treasure to give. To explore every bit of it, one has to immensely love the city for a lifetime.