Dumdum Station

How many of you consider a laptop bag luggage? One bag with wheels is not called luggage if it has just six dresses in it, a few gift items (Sari, stole etc.) and a flat water bottle (May be a few papers and a book)I am likely to face trafficRight, that’s a valid point. I chose to avoid the road and opted to go to Dumdum by train which is 20 minutes ride from our station. My rationale fell flat and did not appeal to them when I said, that I can face traffic even in car. Early mornings are seriously not that terrible, I know that.How can I manage alone because I am not a regular by local train now? How can I deal with the crowd?My sister wanted to join me to help me with my “Luggage” in train. She had office to attend after dropping me in Dumdum. “Seriously No” I said firmly.So finally, how did I go?A Toto to station cost me INR 10/-The train ticket to Dumdum station cost me INR 5/-(The local train arrived around 6 AM and was empty. I got a corner seat and happily managed)A shuttle auto to Nager bazaar for INR 7/-Another shuttle auto to Airport Gate Number 1 for INR 7/-The Auto driver first proposed that I take a rickshaw to reach Airport entrance, and then almost immediately he discarded the idea and said, the rickshaw is allowed till a particular point after which I had to walk. So he recommended I just walk adjacent to the flyover for five minutes.Just a five minute walk at 7:00 AM is doable because I walk twenty minutes every evening. And as I walked past the garage, waited for the escalator, I had the fodder for this blog - Too many people worry about Airport pickups and drops. I am hoping this blog will put some of it to rest.So how good is your Mathematics? What does this total up to?When I was back to Kolkata, the flight was late by an hour and I wasted a few extra minutes at the conveyor belt.1. 5 Minute walk to Bus stop2. Bus fare INR 14 to Barasat3. Bus fare INR 11 to my residenceAnd for those of you keen to know how I managed to go home from Bangalore Airport, well that’s for another blog!