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Esplanade Tram Depot

Where the morning of Kolkata begins with the rattling sound of tram bell, it is quite natural how tram is connected with the cultural heritage of our city.
Sounak Ghosh
Take it EasyWhile in Kolkata, take it easy, don't hurry. Soak in; Feel! And no better way to that than a ride on the tramways. Winding through the streets, these relics of the Raj evokes a feeling of the bygone era, when life was more about living and not rushing.Introduced in 1873, it is the only functional tramway in India and the oldest running tram service in all of Asia. Watch, see and smell the city as the tram cars wind through the city. Ride on one of these to feel how Calcutta goes about it way.Explore the various routes and find more information here.Tip: Take route # 6 from Shyambazar to Esplanade or # 36 from Esplanade to Race Course. You will know why.