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Devanshi Rungta
Always bustling with people, this market will floor you by the sheer variety of goods and commodities available! Walking down this long serpentine road, one cannot help but be intimidated by the shops that flank the area.
Anindita Ganguly
The first thing that I started exploring with was its food! It is said that a foodie can resist a man for their food so how could I miss out the street side rolls, momos, “phuchka” or “golguppas” and lot more? The street side shops offer momos with delicious soup which is bound to give you a mini foodgasm! The first smell that caught my nostrils when I entered my grandparent’s house was the overwhelming smell of the mustard oil commonly known as the “Shorsher Tel” a must have for all the Bengali household of the city. However, since my mother makes me eat her home made cuisines all most every day, I left with my cousin to have a date with the eateries out in the city!So I would like to bring out some famous hit-list eateries that I tried covering in my 20 days trip-
Madhu Das
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