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Indian Museum

Isha Saxena
India's oldest and largest museum located at Park Street houses artifacts, fossils, and paintings from across the world. Their textile section is absolutely gorgeous reminding me much of The Crafts Museum in Delhi and the Egyptian section with the mummy is precious.
Jayashree Sengupta
And there is Indian Museum to hop in.
Nancy Nance
It is the largest and the oldest museum of India. It has rare collections of armour, ornaments, antiques, skeletons and Mughal paintings.
Nilanjana Chatterjee
This Museum is by far the best museum I've been to. From History, to Biology to evolution to textile to god knows what! This museum seems to never end! A must visit for nerds... kidding! A must visit for everyone! Local's tip: Make sure you use to Metro to reach this place. It's fun and it's also for free. Remember to pay for your camera and video cameras if you wish to take pictures there. You don't want to land in trouble without the pass, do you?