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After lunch, I let her rest for some time. Around 3 PM we took an auto to the local station (INR 10 per person), train to Khardah station (Ticket INR 5 per person) and a rickshaw from Khardah station to Ram Krishna Mission (INR 12 for two people)Alternatively we could have taken a bus to B.T.Road and rickshaw from there.The distance between Khardah station and the mission can be covered walking as well.The beautiful gardens within the premises arranged with different flowers was picturesque - How can I show my readers how they looked?There was no board around prohibiting photography. The only board I saw was to maintain silence in the hall. When I asked the gardener politely, if I can click a picture, he firmly said “NO” – leaving no scope to plead. I really did not have the heart to steal a picture without anyone’s knowledge - With a mobile phone that is a toddler’s job. Just that I was not a toddler and had evolved enough spiritual intelligence to deal with my own conscious.If one thinks, if you have seen one mission, you have seen it all - you need to visit this as this structure clubs with an ashram that house many students too.