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Terreti bazar

Jayashree Sengupta
7 is also one of the most juxtaposed number in Chinese numerology. For the positive side, it indicates "start" or "rise", and also "vital energy". The same conception is potrayed in the Chinatown of Kolkata. The day dawns here with utterly delicious chinese food. A plate of white dumplings with the chicken stew and the chilly sauce would surely kick-start the day.Cost per plate: Rs. 50 per plate having 5 momos.
Ayandrali Dutta
Your trip to Kolkata is incomplete if you have not explored the city’s hidden food gem and being a die hard bhukkhad during my recent visit to the City Of Joy, Territi (or Terity) Bazar was on top of my list. Kolkata’s own little “China Town”, where the Chinese had settled as early as the 1780’s, and from then onwards they have played a significant role in defining Kolkata’s food scene.