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Tiretta Bazar Ln

Titas Mazumder
Initially, we were confused what to eat but then decided to try whatever looked tempting. The Chicken momos were succulent and juicy. I did not like the pork dumpling soup but the fried version of pao was what I still crave for. Somehow, I felt there were lesser shops in the market, maybe because we reached a little late or because the road was half blocked by a Durga Puja Pandal.If you are visiting Territy Bazaar then you cannot miss out on Hap Hing Co. a medical and Chinese provision store which was opened in 1934. When you enter the store, you will be smitten by its old-world charm. The store sells different Chinese products like homemade noodles, green tea, sauces and condiments, medicines and more.Reaching this place won’t be a problem for most. It is better to take a taxi to reach this market early in the morning, as buses and the metro starts a little late. We returned home via metro as the nearest one was Central.This market should be visited by all those who love to eat and discover new places. What I love the most about this place is that the people are very warm and friendly. It is a perfect place to witness a slice of China in Bengal.
Titas Mazumder
Last year when I visited Kolkata my cousin sister and I decided to pay a visit to Territy Bazaar. We reached Poddar Court in a cab and as usual, the ever-helping people of Kolkata guided us to our destination. The small street was lined with tiny stalls selling different dishes like chicken and pork momos, spring rolls, the traditional Chinese pao with some filling inside, pork dumpling soup, Shu Mei and lots more. Apart from these little eateries, there were vegetable and fish shops. In fact, most Bangali Babus come here, especially on a Sunday to do their weekly vegetable shopping (typical Bengali tradition) and take some of the authentic Chinese delicacies on their way back home.
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