Kovalam Beach 1/57 by Tripoto
September - May
Families, Couples
2 out of 17 attractions in Kovalam

Kovalam Beach

After Varkala Beach, an evening at Kovalam beach!! Gazing at sea waves, listening to the sound of splashing waves, getting caressed by cool breeze and chit chatting with love of my life.....an evening one would long for!!! Reification of a romantic evening!!
Sheeba Kaul
Kovalam Beach
Riyanka Roy
The main attraction of course was Kovalam beach, which is around 18kms from Trivandrum city. 'Kovalam' means a grove of coconut trees and true to its name the village offers an endless sight of coconut trees.
Krishnan T P
After spending the entire day visiting place inside the city, the last thought for me was to get some nice sea breeze.Kovalam beach was a perfect place. The evening time was a treat to every traveler.It was rocking place. As my phone's battery was about to die, I have to reduce my time to spend in kovalam somehow managed to spend almost an hour there.
Bishwajit Samanta
The Food i take after make myself free from Light house..
Urvashi Sharma
Kovalam, TrivandrumLight House Beach/Kovalam BeachThis place is 16 km away from alleppey and is an international beach. It is named after the 30 meter high Light house here which is the most important feature of this beach.The Beach is very clean and there are many small restaurants around this area which would be definitely liked by sea food admirers. while visiting this place you don't have to be concerned about living and food facilities.
Gunjan Upreti
4. KovalamEarly in the morning, the sky is a riot of colours and the play between the clouds and the Sun adds another dimension to this place.
Aswathy Nair
2) Kovalam
My buddy does fishing here
Sumit Bisht
Vaibhav Khandelwal
One of the most famous beaches of Kerala. Clear water and the blue sky is a pleasure to eyes
Abhishek Kumar
Shivali Singh
One of the must visit beaches of the country, the serenity will call you to this place and the peace will make you stay
Dhillon Devaiah
Deep blue waters is a source of inspiration as it opens wide to endless possibilities.
Sijo Abraham
Amazing view, lovely weather, excellent place to contemplate.
Ruchika Makhija
The beauty of Kerala lies in this place. From flora, fauna to crystal clear waters. This beach is the top tourist destination in South India.
Swathi Nair
Amazing place, weather and people. Unity in diversity.
Susan Sharma
Kovalam beach is a favourite with tourists for swimming in the sea. There are coast guards around who keep a watchful eye. The beach is advertised as 'jelly fish Free' on the various travel sites. So it was a surprise to find large number of purple jellyfish being washed onto the shore by the waves. The coast guards assured us they are dead and harmless. The fishermen throw them out when they get caught in their nets. It seems there is a migration of jelly fish for about a fortnight in October, when the sea gets foamy with the gelatine in the jelly fish. Kovalam beach never fails to arouse curiosity!
Gautam Modi
I love beaches. I woke up early and went for jogging. It was really refreshing- Fresh air; out of the city; amazing feeling. We did all type of activities which were available. Now it was 12 noon. I had already booked a car for the up comings because I didn’t want any more hassles and discomfort in my Journey. We left Kovalam around 6pm. Next stop was Cochin (245km – 4 to 5 hrs). Reached Cochin late night. Again same problem as it was in Trivandrum. But here somehow we managed to find a good hotel.