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Garden Of Caves

Preeya Darshini
Garden of Caves
Aakanksha Magan
Garden of Caves is a natural space, created by seasonal waterfalls and fed by rains. Surrounded by the emerald greens of bushes and hedges, the place is home to caves, waterfalls and cascades. It was officially inaugurated as a tourist spot on 9th Dec, 2010 and has, thus, become a place explored by those who travel on the road less travelled. It is a 2.5 hectare property with seven major spots - Ka Synrang Syiem (the king's cave), Sum Syiem Falls, Ki Stieh Maw (warrior rocks), U Mawdohnud (heart-shaped rock), U Mawkhyllung (baby rock), Arsdad Falls, and Riat Umlwai Falls.