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This was a buffer day for us. My husband was keen on going for a bike ride. We hired bullet from the market at 9:30 am around and left for Lamayuru which is around 125 kms from Leh. This was the only destination for which the roads were in very good condition. We just had to follow the highway to reach our spot. As you are about to reach, on the way, you will come across Moonland. Here the mountain is formed in such a way that they look like craters on moon. The view is very nice. As you proceed little further, Lamayuru monastery will be visible. We spend some time going around the monastery before starting our journey back. If you are passionate about taking a bike ride, do that in Ladakh. It is worth every penny and pain.Day 6 to Day 8:Boarded a bus from Leh to Manali with night stay at Keylong.
Prachi Jain
Day 7 - Lamayuru, Magnetic Hill, Shey Palace, Alchi, Confulence of Indus and Zanskar River, Gurudwara Pathar SahibWe were at the last leg of our trip and the the journey to Lamayuru was a pure bliss after the taking the tiring terrains to Nubra and Pangong. The way to Lamayuru is NH1 and its extremely smooth road. We started it at 9:00 in the morning with the following stops:1) Alchi Monastery: Before one can enter the monastery, their is small lane with shops with really pretty handcrafted items which can leave you splurging on the kettles, the lamas, jwellery and lot more. At Alchi Village on the banks of the Indus River, Alchi Gompa monastery was built around 11th century. The main complex has three temples- gTsug-lag-Khang (main temple), 'Jam-dpal lHa-Khang (Manjushri temple) and Dukhang (assembly hall). The walls of the site are adorned with paintings depicting the details of Hinu kings as well as the teaching of Buddhism.2) Lamayuru, the moonland of LadakhLamayuru is a small village in Ladakh with Moonlike landscapes carved into the Greater Himalayas. The view will make you feel in literal senses that you have just landed on moon.Lamayuru Monastery has series of beautiful prayer wheels on the entrance and the temple of Avlokiteshwara Buddha. The view from the monastery is just spectcular and the route while driving would give you infinte points to capture it forever.3) Indus Zanskar Confluence:While most of the route from Leh to Lamayuru is by the Indus river and once experience it all through the journey. At the Indus Zanskar Sangam, we can see both the rivers meeting but still having its distinguished color which makes the view worth it. Although August isnt the right month as the rivers had turned brown so it wouldnt be as beautiful as part of the year.4) Gurudwara Pathar Sahib : On the way back we had visited the Gurudwara, its maintained by Indian Army and has beautifully history and belief behind it. Its extremely calm and peaceful to spend some time there.5) Druk White Lotus School : The famous Rancho's School6) Magnetic Hill and Shey Palace : They were the last stop of our journey and every place mentioned above is worth visiting and experencing.
Aditi Chaudhary
Our third stop for the day was the magical “Moonland or Lamayuru”. The smooth drive on the Srinagar Leh Highway makes it very easy to reach this place. It took us around 4 hours to reach lamayuru. We reached around lunch time. It was drizzling and the weather was just Perfect! There is an entry fee of Rs. 20 and the lunch time is from 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm. The monastery is peaceful and the lamas happily share their knowledge with you. Lavi was very keen on knowing about the scriptures.While we were at Lamayuru I was eagerly looking to visit the point from where you get the best view of the moonland. In that quest we found a new place, to which our driver said only few locals know about it. The view from the place was Surreal! It seemed as if we have reached an alien land. We were the only people there and the solitude that place brought in was mystical. It was drizzling, the wind was strong and we spent almost 30 minutes there. Mehul bhai, Disha and our driver even took a short walk around the place before we departed for our next stop.
Pritha Puri
Lamayuru is one of the most enchanting Buddhist monasteries in India you will ever visit in your whole life. It rests in isolation away from the main town and comes on the way to Leh from Kargil. This monastery in India has a small hotel adjoining its boundaries where you can stay along with the nunnery quarters. The monks are friendly love to engage in conversations! A restaurant outside the gate has the most delicious aromas from its quarters filling the air and making you hungry throughout the day. Lamayuru is an experience in itself. For people looking for complete silence and isolation from the outside world, it is best to stay here.Where: Ladakh
Priya Parashar
We stopped at Lamayuru’s oldest Gompa in Ladakh. You can see the young monks in the monastery, along with the senior monks praying and chanting. The wind here sounds like nothing I have heard before. It's soulful. The cold desert is a treat to the eyes. We had lunch in one of the cafes nearby.The road became excellent (thanks to BRO) and the drive gets more scenic.
Arnav Deshpande
What I like about monasteries are their settings, most sit atop hills with great 360 degree views while the villages are built below. This allowed in the ancient times, for them to function as strongholds. Now, much of this is not needed; but means that visiting monasteries is that the views will be jaw-dropping. The Lamayuru monastery is nestled in arms of a mountain and makes a sight to behold! The monastery has a place called Hotel Niranjana which served us hot noodles and fresh apple juice in green glass bottles. The monastery which like the many other that I have visited, gave me a sense of peace and calm. The scented air just seems to make one slow down and live life at one's own pace!
Fairytale Studios
Our next stop was Lamaruyu monastery. Lamayuru is famous for its unusual moonlike landscapes carved into Greater Himalayas, famed as the Moonland. Proceeding to the monastery, Lamayuru is a Tibetan - Buddhist monastery dating back to the 11th century. Lamayuru is one of the largest and oldest monasteries in Ladakh. The monastery like others houses a rich collection of artifacts, wall paintings, statues, thangas, carpets and an impressive 11-headed, 1000 eyed image of Chenzing.
Sagar S Krishna
The journey takes you through the most amazing places. On one side flows the Indus in its full beauty and on the other the hills which seems to touch the sky. Hold on to your breath when you pass through the tough roads which never seems to end with boards cautioning you about the falling rocks,Landslides ... Its all about the journey!!!
Earlier in the day we visited the Sangam of Indus and Zanskar, just before Nimmoo. It’s nothing but another wonder this place. The Holy Indus meets The Beasty Zanskar. Indus being more clear water and while zanskar is all muddy water just as the Shyok. The Confluence when watched from above gives you the clear differentiation of these two colours. Just after Phey, Indus flows away from the road. The roads on this side of Leh are extremely good. The drive to Lamayuru is a smooth one, even after that barring a few patches; roads are in excellent condition. We visited Lamayuru Monastery and right before that the famous Lunar Landscapes popped up right after one turn. It's a completely different land from its surroundings, the yellow colour stands out from the typical brownish black colour of mountain which define the mountain ranges here. Soon after that we started the ascent for Fotu La. It's the highest point on Leh-Srinagar highway, as I said earlier the roads are extremely good so the journey was at a faster pace. We got down from Fotu La and soon entered a village called Wakha Wadoo. There is this hotel called Nepali Hindu Hotel, it's not a place you would normally visit but there are some mouth watering dishes that they serve. Don't order any rice except for the plain one but other preparations were extremely good. Rigzin had got up very early that day and was feeling sleepy this was another reason we took a break here.Never guys never continue when your driver feel sleepy, it's always a good option to take a break to allow the one in driving seat to Nap a little, get fresh before you can continue further. We have done that earlier as well. So this proved to be much needed sleep for Rigzin, he was also set for the journey ahead. So the Namik La was up next. As we were descending Namik la, Rigzin explained why it's called Namik La. Namik in ladakhi means a Pillar. And watching Namik La from that point justified it. The Namik La was standing there as if it's a pillar supporting the sky above. Interesting hmmm…!!Mulbekh was left behind as we continued to drive towards Kargil War Memorial. We passed through the town of Kargil, passed a point where Pak occupied Kashmir is in the line of sight. There is a big wall constructed here now since the lights of passing vehicles on the highway could possibly be seen by Pak troops at night. It is the time I started to feel more proud of Indian Army stationed in this region. After this wall you drive towards Drass keeping Drass River on the right side and you see many bridges crossing the river which later leads toward Army’s forward posts on line control. With that knowledge the sense of Patriotism starts growing as road bends in bends out and you reach Kargil war Memorial. Well the moment arrived when we entered through the car parking gate and a Jawan asked us to make an entry in the visitor’s register. the TIRANGA was flying high, the whole atmosphere changes when you enter inside and it did happen to us. The respect that I always had for our Armed forces shot up real high and I am sure it's gonna increase ever.Many of those who have already visited this place told me to request the briefing from an army official so we asked around and was suggested that the person would be here in next 10 minutes, till then we could take a look at Manoj Kumar Pandey Memorial Hall around the corner. Just as we were walking towards the Memorial Hall, there was a group of school children which had turned up and were probably ending their visit. They decided to sing our beloved National Anthem. The moment we heard the first words “Jana Gana Mana” we froze and stood there with more respect and filled with immense Pride for the country and the forces who lay down their life so that the mere mortals like us can breathe the freedom. Like us everyone stood there until The Anthem ended with loud “Jai Hind”.We started going to the Memorial Hall and right after 10 minutes; YES 10 minutes when a Jawan came and asked us to join for the briefing. We hurriedly went out and stood there in a queue to hear the briefing. A Jawan from Kumaon Regiment came forward and started the briefing in his loud & clear voice. As he explained how the entire war took place, the different points those were freed up by our brave soldiers, there were goosebumps mixed with feeling of anger towards our enemy. I am short of words here, I cannot really explain what was going through our minds but Yes one thing is certain we were, we are and we always will be proud of our Armed Forces; let it be CRPF, BSF, Indo Tibetan Border Police, the Army, the Navy and the AirForce. They are the real heroes of this country.With heavy heart we bid our goodbyes to Memorial with the site of Tiger Hill in the distance. We had decided to spend the night in Drass the second coldest place but this being summer and keeping in mind the fact that it will be 1 hour less of travelling tomorrow, we decided to head back to Kargil.Now this part is especially for Maharashtrians, there is a Bhavani Mata Mandir somewhere on the road between Kargil and Drass. It will be on the left hand side of the road if you are driving from Kargil to Drass. We had seen this place earlier while coming to the Drass as the Maratha regiment is Stationed there. It is a very beautiful temple hence we got down there and ask Jawan if we could visit the temple, he was quite astonished since we spoke in Marathi. We entered the temple just as they were finishing with daily Aarti of Bhavani Mata. We were delighted to meet them so were they. They welcomed us there then when we started in Marathi the expression on their faces were priceless. Meeting someone from around your hometown always makes you happy, the exact thing that happened here. They gave us ‘Prasad’ and we got into talking with them. We spent close to an hour over there and it was a quality time. One of them told us about an open for all Army Cafe which is situated at Budhkarbu which is run by Maratha regiment, he also said you get the famous Mumbai snack the vada pav. This information itself sounded yummy. Soon after that we took their leave and we reached Kargil. After much debate and dilemma we decided to spend the night there. We got into a hotel and had the worst meal of our life at Ashiana restaurant. We came back to hotel with packets of chips, biscuits now imagine :-X. Many of us watch TV as I crashed into bed. 
Achin Chauhan
Lamayuru Monastery(120 km's from leh on leh-srinagar highway)
Aniesh Chawla
a. Lamayuru: it is a beautiful village well connected with Leh-Srinagar highway(NH1), it has a beautiful monastry which reminds you of Cappadoccia of Turkey. We camped here for the first night and the minimum temperature that we saw was -18C.
Medha oka
Pritha Puri
The lamayuru monastrey is located on the way from kargil to leh. Situated in the middle of moonland, it has the most serene and peaceful aura to it that one can ever , ever imagine! The view, because of the moonland is absolutely breathtaking! The monks there are friendly and always ready to pose for your cameras :) why i love this place so much would be because of my personal experience, it was almost there prayer time when we reached the monastery and they invited us to join them in the prayer hall. As we sat with them while they chanted, the whole hall was full of some mystic energy, it seemed like just the place where i belong, being a buddhist i wanted to know the other philosophy of buddism as well, the experience cannot be explained in words, it has to be felt,.. As soon as you reach lamayuru, you will know that youre part of a bigger universe than you imagined!
It’s difficult to choose the best amongst so many beautiful monasteries in Leh-Ladakh. If you want your touristy dose of seeing monks on orange robes performing quaint rituals, a visit to the Lamayuru monastery is a must. It is one of the oldest and largest monasteries of Ladakh, located approximately 127 kms from Leh. You will love seeing the beautiful caves carved out of the mountains at the monastery. You could also consider going to the Stok, Hemis, Thiksey, Spituk and Shey monasteries if time permits