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Magnetic Hill

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 The Magnetic Hill on the Srinagar-Leh Highway defies gravity making the vehicle go uphill even with the ignition powered off. This was our first experience of the Magnetic Hill and we were surely amazed by this beauty of the nature. The magnitudinal force on that particular patch is so high that the vehicle could go up to a speed of 20km/hr without a hiccup, something to be experienced during the trip.
At an altitude of 11000 ft above sea level, Magnetic Hill is one of the best stopovers on the way to Leh. Popularly known to have magnetic power that can pull cars back even when the ignition is off, gives a thrilling experience, however, it's only an optical illusion in reality, caused by gravity hill! So, if you see a vehicle going uphill, it's actually going downhill.
Lobzang Tsering
7. Magnetic HillThis place is also known as the gravity hill. Switch off your vehicle’s engine and experience your vehicle being pulled up. Amazing phenomena! This place offers a perfect opportunity to click pictures too.