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Sindhu Ghat : The Indus or Sindhu River flows only through Ladakh before entering into Pakistan.This place on Manali- Leh highway was built in recent time on the bank of the river for offering prayers. Even the construction was not yet completed. The bank is quite away from the main gate. It is better to drive till the court. For locals, it must be a decent place to spend their afternoons. For tourists, there are far better natural places to enjoy the beauty of the river especially on the way to the confluence. As we were spending some time sitting by the river bank and watching small fish playing in the crystal clear blue water, we felt something deeper. There flows the river from time immemorial which has given us our identity to the world outside. Long ago, this was the life force for the most ancient civilization in the Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. By the bank of this river,the Aryans build their first settlements and name the land India from Indus. If the mighty Ganga is the main life force, the creator and the preserver of us then, the Sindhu is the one that gave us our identity.The river bank is the venue of the famous Sindhu Darshan festival, an annual cultural event which started in October 1997. The three-day festival takes place in the month of June on the occasion of Guru Poornima. The festival also named as' Ladakh Singhey Khababs Festival' begins with participants coming from different parts of the country immersing urban pots carrying water of the river of their own state into the Indus River. Ritual is performed by 50 senior lamas along the river side. Cultural programs are organized at the venue followed by a short sightseeing trip, campfire and get together on the third day. The religious ceremony called Sindhu Pujan is done during which the river is worshiped.
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Ladhak is the only place in India where the Sindhu/ Indus river flows before entering Pakisthan. A ghat is built to perform puja during the monsoon months.
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At the banks of river Indus in Ladakh is a great destination- Sindhu Ghat. In the strange yet serense scenery of Ladakh, this Ghat lies as a peaceful stretch. The Choglamsar village at the banks of the river offers home stays and home cooked meals to travelers. You can pitch a tent on the banks or check into one of the home stay options. In both cases, you can definitely arrange to get a small barbeque stand or get grilling right over your bonfire! There’s something alluring about the charred and hot in the barren beauty in chilly Ladkah!