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Bhavya Joshi
The Foodie Rider
Day 5 – Tso Kar to HanleI got up around 6 am and was feeling easy. I was able to walk easy. So, we got ready, had breakfast and soon started for our nest destination, which was Hanle, the last village on the Indo Tibet Border.The first few kilometers was a ride on a long patch of land with no road or trail. We knew the direction we need to go in to find the road, and headed towards it, creating our trails. After riding for around 3 to 4km in sand, we managed to hit a narrow road which would lead us to Nyoma.
Ishvani Hans
Vinay Singhal
Date: 22nd June 2018Tso KarTso Kar was also part of our itinerary, but we were running out of time.We got up early in the morning and left from Tso Moriri at 4:00 AM, just as per the plan. we were in the dilemma if we go to Leh via Tso Kar or not, as it was going to cost us extra 20-30 Kms, which could have lead our chances to miss the bus.But we took the chance and started heading towards Tso Kar.
Diksha Ranjan
And there is one more hidden gem 67 km before Tso Moiriri lake named Tso Kar lake. Not a single human being was there! no one. So secluded and pure. And this is the actual hidden place or you can also say a perfect offbeat destination in India. water as clear as sky! all blue it was. I felt like there isn't any ending point, guarded by massive rugged snow clad Himalayas. Gaze the pristine blue water, few patches of clouds were reflected in that water, that reflection was so spectacular. It made me feel as if there were white small boats which looked much more similar to swans (from far) floating peacefully on that blue beauty.This place is so peaceful and worthwhile, away from all the city chaos and confusion. Though away from home I felt more like home, even miles away.And, if you want to experience something most extraordinary, Leh Ladakh is the best place for that. It is the route for Asia's most beautiful, challenging and spectacular Chadar trek, the frozen trail. The place and experience will leave the imprints on your heart forever.