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British Museum

The British museum was next on the list, the museum houses a vast collection of world art and artifacts and is free entry. You can easily spend anywhere between an hour to a whole day here, depending on your interest level.
Sarbajaya Bhattacharya
 Let us pause briefly at the British Museum- an overwhelming structure at the heart of London housing some of the most famous pieces of history from all over the world, from the ancient times to the contemporary. A day is simply not enough to take it all in. You can be selective, of course, as I was (leaving out India, for instance), but even then, it would require more than a day to cover even a selected list. If you are to make a list, make sure that the Egyptian room is on it, or you will be missing out. We'll make our next stop at the National Gallery, which, again, is impossible to cover in a day. It is curated according to time and style. So if you were to make a list, cover the rooms where your favourite painters adorn the wall. I, for instance, paused at length in front of Van Gough's 'Sunflowers', rendered speechless, transfixed, rooted to the spot.Walk.
Abhijeet Guha
London has some of most famous tourist attractions of the world. You should not miss the British Museum, which includes collections like mummies in the Ancient Egypt, Parthenon sculptures, and Rosetta Stone. Other popular museum includes Natural History Museum, Science museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Royal Museums, If you are an admirer of classic art then you should surely visit the National Gallery.