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She told us to visit Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Sq, Green Park and Big Ben. All these places were close to her office and walking distance. We paid for the coffee and were on our way to Trafalgar Sq, walked ahead a little bit and reached the Buckingham palace & Green Park. Through our walk there was a regular photo session going on and it was a pleasant experience walking the streets of london.Since it was a day before the weekend, people were all out on the streets, getting into the weekend groove. There were families and children with their dogs playing in the park, couples coochy cooing and sipping on chilled beer (its legal to drink on streets in London), a old gentleman feeding squirrels, a lady feeding the ducks, tourists clicking pictures and office goers crowded outside English pubs drinking beer and wine. It was party mood all around.We walked back to Sugandha's office and called her, she told us to come to a pub were she and Daniel (her English boyfriend) had already started partying. We joined them, ordered our beers and it was 1, 2 and 3 beers for me, the last glass being bottoms up. The pub (I forget the name) was totally crowded with people partying after office hours.
Isabel Leong
Buckingham PALACE THE SHARDSaw this from a distance. Very distinct. One of the tallest buildings in the world, at 87 storeys. TOWER BRIDGE
Exiting Buckingham palace, you arrive in the gorgeous Trafalgar Square, one of my most favourite places in London, to get a coffee and indulge in some people watching. 
Pallavi Pasricha
If you are there in summer, don’t skip a visit to the state rooms at Buckingham Palace. Its a fascinating peek into the royal world, seeing how the table is laid for a royal dinner or the Queen’s dresses and diamonds. The walk and ride attraction, Shrek’s Adventure, that opened in July last year, was another highlight. Meeting different characters from my one of my favourite movies was fascinating even for an adult.Eat: Pie and mash at Anchor Bankside, one of the oldest pubs in London going back to 1615.I boarded the flight back home promising myself to embark on more solo ventures – to keep the traveller in me going and to connect with myself yet again.
The area we were touring was just a stones throw from Buckingham Palace and most of the shops we visited hold Royal Warrants which are granted to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for a minimum of five consecutive years to The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales. You may have seen the words ‘By Appointment’ along with the Royal coat of arms displayed on products from companies who hold Royal Warrants.
Dielle D'souza
For one, I got a glimpse of the Queen. Her stoic face in the back of the Land Rover as it turned into Buckingham Palace ahead of the changing of the guard seemed to compensate for the lack of the brass band and the cold weather that day. And secondly, I enjoyed excellent weather on my first day with sunshine until about 8pm-9pm, allowing me a decent amount of time to take in a lot of things.I made it cheap by avoiding any entrance fees - so no London Eye rides, no wax statues at Madame Tussauds, no Harry Potter tour. I had two days, and I wanted to see it all. So I saw it all from the outside. Using the Tube is the best way to get around. It is quick, efficient on time and money, and works well into the night (or early morning, whichever way you look at it). I got myself an Oyster card, for which you are returned the 5-pound deposit when you give it back at the end of your trip. Journeys are charged depending on the destination so be sure to check your card out on the turnstile when you exit your destination station, or you will end up being fined. There's a daily cap of 6 pounds 50p per day with Oyster card traveling so if you know you'll be hopping around London alot, this is definitely the way to go.
Ryb Palak Shetty
A great way for first-timers to take in all the sights without losing their mind is via Big Bus Tours where you can explore around the city on a Double-Decker and hop on and off. Walk along South Bank, follow the Thames from the London Eye along to Tower Bridge and you’ll pass some of London’s most famous buildings, like the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern.
Ruchika Makhija
Buckingham Palace: The gates of this palace remain forever crowded, the reason being “, The Change of Guards”. The age-old traditional ceremony has attracted scores of visitors over the years. At 11:00 am the old guard from the Buckingham palace changes to the new guard from St. James Palace.
Akriti Sinha
Day 2: Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Ten Downing Street, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, West End Show
Priyanka Nayak
Buckingham Palace the London residence of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. You could plan reaching the palace at 11am to view the changing of guards.
Arushi Dutt
We kept moving onwards to our next stop. The grand iron gates loomed over me as I peered through the bars, up at the Buckingham Palace. A lone soldier dressed in his slick red uniform and a tall black hat, stood near the palace doors. Before getting declared as the official residence of the British monarch, the palace used to be an old British townhouse. It was hard to imagine with the magnificence of the palace today, and the sparkling, golden statue Victoria Memorial in front of it.
Mohit Samant
Day 2 in London: We started off with one of the must-see sights, in London – the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace. The ceremony starts at 11.15 AM but I'd recommend getting there by half past 10 for a decent spot (you will need to get there by 10 AM if you want a spot right up against the gates). 
Mathura Vaidyanathan
One such person moonlighted as a guide on one of London’s famous walking tours and she told us stories about the Buckingham Palace and how tourists have tried to break into the grounds. At yet another pub, a tourist told us that he had just visited St. James Park and showed us photos of the swans in the lake. Putting two and two together, as only our tired minds could, we decided that we had to finish off the night by breaking into St. James Park and taking a photo with the swans and so, we did that. Now, we never jumped any fences or stole in through any side gate and I am sure there were other people in the park but, 2012-London-me doesn’t have to know that, does she?It was a brilliant day to be out and an even more brilliant night and London did not disappoint one bit. I can now go back to my itineraries and travel sites in peace, with a smug look and a derisive “Ha, that’s cliché!” running through my head and plan my next trip.This trip was originally published on Travel Doodle : Adventures & Misadventures… all things Travel!
Priyanka Nayak
The palace is the London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom.Incase you are around at 11 am you could watch the change of guards. Spend some time in the royal gardens.
Akriti Sinha
Another very touristy spot. But still must be checked out in the tourist spirit! You can also come early and witness the change of guards. I chose to skip that.Tip: The Queen's Guard change happens at Buckingham Palace at 11:30 AM every morning. Wake up early to witness that.
Arushi Dutt
Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen of England. No matter what time of the day you show up at the palace gates, it will be packed. Although the iron gates always stay bolted shut, a glimpse at the Queen's residence is enough to have you gaping. Plus, the change of guard is something worth checking out, though I'm not too sure of the exact time of day it happens.