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Tower Bridge

Next we decided to go and drink in a different pub, but I realised we had our luggage to carry home, so it will be quiet a pain to carry the luggage all around after getting a little drunk (which I wanted to). So we chucked our plan to drink more in a pub and picked our luggage and moved towards charring cross station, from here we were supposed to board the train to Tower Gate, walk to tower hill station and board the train to Lime house (final destination). Daniel bought some booze from a local grocery, wine and beers are cheaper to buy from a local store and we continued the party at Sugandha's house. Their house was walking distance from the station.We dropped our luggage, ordered for some Bengali food and Daniel suggested he will show us the place around his house, which is supposedly very beautiful. We got quite excited and went out for a walk and the first surprise was Thames river flowing right behind their house. Next surprise was a beautiful view of tall office buildings of HSBC, Citigroup over the river, all lit up these buildings are located at canary Warf, which is a 15 minutes walking distance from Daniels house.The walk through the lanes was quite & romantic, Daniel took all the efforts to show us everything beautiful that is in and around their house. We came back to the house after about an hour of walking and sat down for dinner and drinks. After all the flight travel, train travel, walks, drinking and carrying our luggage around , we were quite exhausted for the day and the moment we hit the bed the next moment I relaised it was 10am, Saturday morning.
Isabel Leong
My favourite attraction of all! Can’t help that I have a thing for bridges and this bridge is in bright blue instead of the usual copper-brown colours. It sounds like I’m describing a toy bridge but when I was actually on it, it is pretty dazzling! Now I wish I had a memento of this bridge…Here’s an interesting one. This picture depicts new age technology consumers. Given that I’ve just finished writing a report about digital technology, I found this picture rather apt in describing the humans in this age. There is a really gripping article that I found while researching. It called out to me, and I strongly suggest you read it too. En route, we walked through old-fashioned buildings set in a modern setting. They looked like garages-turned-office-spaces. I found them really pretty.My favourite exterior design below! I didn’t visit this restaurant, but passing by it, the striking red windows, rustic brick building, and gold finishes on its street lamps and signboard complemented each other so well that I couldn’t rid my eyes off it.LONDON BRIDGEVery… nondescript, in contrast to the Tower Bridge. Different from my childhood expectations of a London Bridge.MILLENIUM BRIDGE
Sarthak Maheshwari
Best place to be in london in night on a chilled winter, btw i was there on 25th of december and it was the coolest day of my life!
Priyanka Nayak
Tower Bridge Exhibition an newly added attraction helps you indulge into the days of construction of the bridge. Enjoy the breath taking views from the glass floors a top the tower. A special visit to the engine rooms to view the engineering behind the huge architecture.A visit to the museums at the tower of London. A glimpse of the Kohinoor and the rich english treasure.
Akriti Sinha
Tower Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. A must see when one is in London. Just take the Jubilee line to the Tower Bridge station. Spend some quiet time by Thames and of course click yourself with the Tower Bridge of London!Tip: Take a river cruise on Thames from Tower Bridge.Tower Bridge is way more beautiful when checked out at night when its all lit up
Yanting Chan
Contrary to popular belief, Tower bridge is not London bridge. London bridge is an ordinary-looking bridge that was built in 1973, and is walking distance from borough market. Tower bridge on the other hand is located at Tower hill tube station and is painted in white, blue and red for Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee in 1977. And because it spans across the River thames, it's extremely windy and cold during winter (there's a Starbucks on the lower south side of the Thames if you need to grab your cuppa warm joe to bear the chills).