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The London Eye

Sugandha and Daniel had a day off from work, but they had classes to attend that they were taking to enter the best B-School in UK (all the best to them). They had left their spare house keys for us and by the time we got all ready, made some breakfast and left the house for the day it was 12 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and today we decided we will go to see the London Eye and from there walk to all the places we can in and around central London. We board a train for Embankment station, which is closer to London eye. We got out of the station crossed a bridge and on the other side was London eye. The streets below London eye was packed with people enjoying a good sunny day, there were tourist, children cycling around, babies in their baby carts, doggies and oldies just taking a stroll. It was like a huge street party kind of scenario.There were entertainers on the streets entertaining people and earning their livelihood. There was a huge queue for the London eye, so didn't want to go on it. Rather we decided to sit in a nice quite place overlooking the river and sip on some beer.
Priyanka Nayak
There are plenty of other attractions close to the London eye which you can choose post the London panoramic tour.For Indians, the visit to the Kohinoor could be significant for we have read so much about this in our school.
Sarbajaya Bhattacharya
 Walk along the banks of the river with the London Eye rotating ahead of you with every turn you take. Walking is the best way to discovering a city. The best way of knowing a city.On such a walk I discovered a monument dedicated to the women who participated in the Second World War. Another dedicated to the animals that had lost their lives in war. You never know what you may find.
Keira Rose
London Eye – As a kid always stayed engrossed in the Ferris wheel? Then London Eye is the giant that will pamper you rotten. The highs and lows of London Eye is just a reflection on the highs and lows of life that needs to be dealt with in the same fearless spirit, laughs and knowing that this phase too shall pass.
There is a lot to see in London. For the entire family. Ages ago we already ticked off the biggest attractions from the list. This includes “London Eye” - the large ferris-wheel by the River Thames, Sea Life Aquarium, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Tate Modern and many, many more. Some places are better suited for children than others. Sea Life Aquarium is a great place to bring children. London Eye is also an exciting experience and you get a good view of the city from above, as you slowly ascend and descend within the 30-minute round trip.
Pallavi Pasricha
I have a tendency to keep the best for the last, hence it was London for the end. For five days I soaked in the British capital like never before – admiring this iconic city from top of London Eye or St Paul’s Cathedral, wandering through state rooms at Buckingham Palace, catching a play at Covent Garden, shopping on Oxford Street and going for the Mamma Mia musical. I enjoyed every bit of it.
Ryb Palak Shetty
From the Tate you can cross the Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral. Make sure to hit the British Museum (free entry!), whose many treasures include the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Marbles, and round off your travel with a visit to one of Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall or Kensington Palace.
Ryb Palak Shetty
Once you’re done, take a ride on the London Eye nearby (though I didn't do as I thought to be expensive and compensated with a feeling of having done same at Singapore flyer years back), see the newly refurbished Royal Festival Hall, have a drink under Waterloo Bridge at the British Film Institute, all before trotting down the Jubilee Walk beside the Thames to the Tate Modern.
Ruchika Makhija
London Eye: Based on the bank of the River Thames near Waterloo Station this is a spectacle well worth a visit. This London attraction is the biggest observation wheel in the world, hence its name. It will, over 30 minutes, make a full circle and thus give you a splendid view of London. It towers 135 meters over the Thames River and weighs 2,100 tonnes.
Akriti Sinha
You can get to the London Eye from the Tower Bridge by taking the Thames River Cruise. You have to experience London from the London Eye when in the city. Its the most touristy thing to do but still...has to be done. Its an item that has to be ticked off the "things to do" list in London! Tip: You can buy the London Eye ticket from the counter. You get a discounted price if you buy it online.
I took a ride for the first time over the weekend, on the most gorgeous of London days. I have honestly always avoided the London Eye, the large lines of tourists and crazy admission costs were never a big draw for me. Luckily, I had the amazing opportunity to avoid all of that, and am happy to report that the London Eye is maybe worth the time and money. I had a fast-track ticket, and I will tell you, if you plan on adding the London Eye to your itinerary- splurge for the fast-track. The line to get on was probably a thirty minute wait, and this was after they has bought their tickets. Whatever you decide to do, purchase your tickets ahead of time on the London Eye website, trust me on this one. It took me only five minutes from picking up my ticket, going through security, to entering the capsule. Not bad. It was really incredible to go up over the city and see all of London’s most famous buildings and areas from one location. You can even see The Shard once you get all the way to the top.
Arushi Dutt
London Eye brings you to the top of the world...literally! This ferris wheel is more than just a ferris wheel. You're in a glass encased compartment holding up up to about 15 people! A slow and soothing ride gives you a full panoramic view of the dazzling city of London, especially at night!
One of London's most famous landmarks, and a once in a lifetime experience-but not worth trying more than once. However, the views are amazing-especially when the weather is clear and beautiful. I was lucky to go for it during London's heatwave, which meant perfect weather.