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Charing Cross Road

The author, who was one of the many eminent members of the library, featured it in The Adventures of the Illustrious Client, where Holmes asks Watson to go the library and learn as much as he can about Chinese pottery in 24 hours. The 150-year-old Charing Cross Hotel (now Amba Hotel Charing Cross) was a favourite of the author and appeared in multiple stories. In front of the Charing Cross Hotel, is where Holmes caught a spy in the Hound of the Baskervilles; where Watson banked (and kept his box of notes); where, just across the street, they sent off urgent telegrams. Irene Adler made her first appearance in the Holmes sagas as a resident of the Charing Cross Hotel in A Scandal in Bohemia.NAME GAMEThe protagonist of the series was originally called ‘Sherrinford’, but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle later changed it to ‘Sherlock’ after a cricketer he was a big fan of.