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Sweta Chakraborty
Getting to Greenwich: Greenwich, located at south east London and South bank of London. This city is rated as the UNESCO world heritage site which stands as the symbol of British culture and naval power for 400 years. We started from London and took a cruise over the Thames River till Greenwich Pier. There is accessibility by underground as well as rail and airline cable car.· From the Tower of London, getting to the Greenwich pier will take 20 minutes.· From St. Paul's Cathedral, Greenwich will take hardly 25 minutes.· From Bond street luxury boutiques, North Greenwich is hardly 20 minutes.· Starting from the Monument, it will take 30 minutes to reach Greenwich by DLR.In case you are planning to visit the place, take a closer look at the transport system, get updated via google and chalk out your journeys.
Stancy Travasso
A short visit to Greenwich with some Argentina food...
Apart from these, I did the Greenwich Hill, which is THE place where the Greenwich Meridien passes through.
Greenwich has a feeling altogether different than central London. Walking along the sidewalk through the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, you are brought back to the romantic times of exploration. From sea to space, some of the greatest explorers in history walked the grounds. Our reason for visiting Maritime Greenwich, however, was not to see these incredible sites- although we did and loved them.
It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning, kind of rare in London. A sunny day is like a picnic and outing day for people in London, specially if its a Sunday. Today, we decided to go to Greenwich (Pronounced-Grenich). Its a district in south-east London, England, on the south bank of the river Thames. It is best known for its maritime history and as giving its name to the Greenwich Mean Time.