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Hampstead Heath

Anita Hendrieka
The pergola was built in 1906 and was one of Lord Leverhulmes ideas. He wanted to build a legacy, so decided that the pergola was a great idea. Over the years there were many extensions of this fantastic structure but sadly after his death the Pergola was forgotten. This place is now overgrown by wild flowers and vines and looks absolutely amazing. It has such a eerie feeling to it and I wouldn't of thought this secret place would still exist in London.Listen to the protests in the speakers corner in Hyde Park | Tube station: Marble Arch
Hampstead Health is again a huge park in the northern part of London. Surprisingly, all the parks have a different character to it. Hampstead is almost like a jungle - with hills and dense forests and so on. It has a couple of ponds which are quite popular for swimming in the summer.