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Oxford Street

Mayank Singhal
Divisha - The Diadeb
With a landing around 2 PM, half of the day was over but determined to not let it wither - we made the most of it by splurging both time and money at the shopping haven – Oxford Street. It’s a great place to witness a melange of cultures.
Anuja Mangle Fozdar
5)Oxford Street: It is the most popular shopping streets of UK. It houses some of the best flagship brands, huge departmental stores and cheap shopping all in one place. Thousands of locals and tourists horde here daily to satisfy their shopping needs. The locality is nicely decorated during winters especially during Christmas. All the more reason for you to get a selfie here!
The only trip where I have shopped ( apart from eating a LOT) because Oxford Street! For people on a budget, run to Primark for affordable shopping ranging from clothes to shoes to bags! Now for people not on a budget, head to anywhere on the Oxford Street and don't forget to stop at Harrods! Also Hamleys! Because the kid in you will always keep you sane ????
Isabel Leong
Oxford Street– the shopping street of London