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Primrose Hill

Anita Hendrieka
A great view of the beautiful city of London is Primrose Hill. Buy some food from the markets and come up here to enjoy the afternoon, eat and drink a bottle of wine! It's not far from the London Zoo so if you are heading that way then make sure you stop over!There are always free things to do in a city you just have to do a little research and be prepared to get lost. As my mother used to say "The best things in life are free" and I have to say I agree with her.Much love,Anita HendriekaThis blog was originally published on 'anitahendrieka'.
Primrose Hill is a very small park just adjacent to Regents Park on its north-east end. There is nothing too impressive about it except that in the middle of the park there is a hill where you can get a birds eye view of London. This place is again a favourite of mine, its great to sometimes just sit there and look at the city - very quiet, very relaxed and very calm!