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St. Paul's Cathedral

Niharika Agarwal
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5. St. Paul’s Cathedral:
Priya Saxena
Having seen the top attractions on my list, it was time for some more of them. I started the day with exquisitely built the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral located near the St. Paul’s Tube station.
Isabel Leong
ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRALOn the way we also passed by:Tate Modern (museum), Tower of London (museum), Pretty buildings of London below.Other attractions that should not be missed are:
Aseem Parikh
Going to the terrace of a nearby pub and just keep gazing at St. Paul's. Taking a trip to Canary Wharf, the hub of the Bank HQ's, just to see what the investment bankers do after work and feel all cool having a pint in the same cafe as them. Eating at Nandos.