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Tower of London

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2. Tower of London
Priyanka Nayak
Tower of london and the Crown Jewel could get some place on your list of todo's.The Tower Bridge is also one latest attractions with the exclusive glass floor.
Shambhavi Kumar
 The walk is not just a trip but an experience, the sight of couples sitting by the waters enjoying a meal, or small gorgeous cafes hidden between two buildings with the warmest and friendliest people and the most amazing food and hot chocolate. The whole walk ended with a nice Starbucks Frappe near the Tower of London, after which I went into the Tower of London. This is what London means to me, meeting amazing new people in unknown places and long walks leading to nowhere.
Ruchika Makhija
The Tower of London: One of the main resons why tourists flock this tower is to catch a glimpse of the legendary 317 Indian Diamond, The Kohinoor. Although visitors can explore the tower independently, It is a good idea to join one of the guided tours to