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Trafalgar Square

Walking is a biiiiig part of exploring any city, and I managed to walk about five hours everyday at my own pace, exploring places like the Picadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Parliament street, Trafalgar Square, stoping at any interesting cafe or restaurant that fancied me.Recommended:
Isabel Leong
TRAFALGAR SQUARE HORSE GUARDS BUILDING BIG BENNeeds no further introduction. It was overcrowded with people that it dampened the charm of it. LONDON EYE
Anamika Bharucha
We started the day by taking the metro that day. Public transport in London is very easy and user friendly. There's a pass that you take, and you can use the same pass to travel in a bus or metro any number of times for that day. That day we went through the busiest streets of London. Trafalgar square, Oxford street, all of it. Trafalgar Square hosts a lot of street artists performing various gigs to earn money entertaining the public. You'll see someone doing a summer sault one side and a human posing still as a statue on the other. There's a long row of shops, every big name you've ever heard of. From a Guess to Forever 21 to Zara. There are huge sports malls hosting merchandise from famous football teams to personalized shoe makers. You can spend the entire day there and still not see everything. You'll find small cute souvenir shops too at little distances. We spent the day there and then took the train to another of my uncles place to meet him. A good dinner with my family was the perfect end to Day 2.
Aseem Parikh
Walking the stretch from Regent street to Trafalgar square innumerable times, just because it was so awesome. Driving down to Weymouth and sitting there on the beach ALL DAY!!Yes, ALL DAY!! Eating at Nandos. Buying an all day pass at the underground and falling in love with the tube over and over again. Standing at the bridge and just looking at the beauty of the Houses of Parliament. How the hell can it be so beautiful? Eating at Nandos.
Keira Rose
Trafalgar Square – How can a trip to London be ever complete without checking out the spot where the heart and soul of the city rests? Yes, you guessed it right and that is the Trafalgar Square. Heart is where you can breathe life and feel alive. This is probably the busiest spots of London. Check out the place to live, feel and breathe life.How can any Trip in London be Complete without Food?A trip with no thought given to what goes down your mouth is no trip at all. So what do you think you must try when in London? If you are planning to grab whatever you get on the go, then it is a sad waste of opportunity. We tell you the food items that must go down your mouth.Check out some of the best local eateries in London that is ready to serve you certain food options across your food palate. What are they?
Priyanka Nayak
A short walk away is the Trafalgar Square. From the trafalgar you would get glimpses of the Big Ben. By now you would have added Big Ben on your list for the day.
Priyanka Nayak
Trafalgar Square is a public space and tourist attraction in central London, built around the area formerly known as Charing Cross. It is from here you would get a glimpse of the londons Great Bell the big ben.The national art gallery is just behind this square.There are plenty of cafes around this place incase you would like to sip in some hot coffee or use free wifi ;)
Akriti Sinha
This place is at the heart of London. An open space that holds various events and activities. Just walk into Trafalgar Square and you will stumble upon some or the other event happening. When I went there, there was West End Live event happening which was quite entertaining.
Yanting Chan
From here, you can end off your day by walking down to Trafalgar square before the sun sets during the winter days. It's a public square with Nelson's column in the centre, and surrounded by four lion statues on the four corners; often used for demonstrations, celebrations (e.g. St Patrick's day celebrations!) or community gatherings. Loving the purplish pink gradients which adorned the sky, looking back it looks extremely surreal.