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Victoria Park

During our walk we saw a great deal of modern blocks of various architectural quality, side by side with houseboats, boardwalk environment and small, green spots with grass and trees. Everywhere there were trendy cafés where the young and hip ad-agency people, artists and “creative types” were sitting with their iPads, checking e-mails, or a copy of “The Observer” as they sipped their organic juices and coffees. One of the things that really fascinates me about London is the fact that there is so much history. Originally founded by the Romans about 2000 years ago, the “current London” is literally built upon the ruins of millennia and ever so often remains from the past, even of a significant, historic value, are found and being excavated. In medieval times London developed into one of the most important cities in Europe and the list of brutal, reckless kings that have ruled England from here is long! In the older areas of the city you find many buildings dating back 500 years or more. As already mentioned, several pubs are centuries old, and many of them make quite an effort to inform you just HOW old they actually are, and which prominent, historic figures that have come and gone over the years. It IS actually exciting! Imagine to sit by the same table as William Shakespeare, drinking a pint of lager. There are quite a few arguments about which pub that can rightfully claim the title as “London’s oldest pub”. No one knows for sure. But there are a handful of pubs in the central part of the city that have had their license at least since the 1660´s. No matter which one is the oldest, I find that rather impressive. I do not think that there will be many of the present day “shopping street pubs” around 350 years from now. But in the center of London they live and work “in the middle of history” every day!
Lynette Tan
Last week, Singapore Day 2014 was held at Victoria Park in London! It is basically a reunion for Singaporeans in Europe/UK! I was quite surprised that we all Singaporeans are indeed enthusiastic! There are close to 9,000 people attended. Some of them even flew all the way to London for this day! It was amazing, despite the long queues to get some local food that we all miss so much! The best part is, everything is FREE? Its a no brainer. Each of us received a picnic mat, a bottle of water, some heat pack ( if bad weather approaches) , wet tissues, and an umbrella! The overseas singaporean unit is really thoughtful!