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Tunday Kababi

@diti $rivastava
Exclusive For Non-Veg Lovers :Tunday Kebabi - The famous legendary kebabs of Lucknow which you can’t even think of missing, when you are in Avadh. Must have their Galauti Kebabs with Ulta Tawa ka Paratha.Address - Chowk/ Aminabad/ Aliganj
Prateek Dham
Famous for: Galouti kebabs
Neha Jagani
Last but not the least, at the end of the trip do stop by at Aminabad where you can try the very famous Tundey Kabab, vegetarians do not be upset there is a shop right opposite Tundey Kabab called Ram Mithai Center which serves equally good vegetarian kababs and vegetable biryani.Lucknow, may be divided but when you see it as a whole the city has a great combination of the old and the new. The heritage shows a perfect blend of various religions and forms of architecture.This city deserves to be seen as every street has its own story to tell.
Mayuri R
Tunday Kababi : THE MOST iconic place in Lucknow. Any visit to this city of Nawabs and Kebabs is incomplete without eating at Tunday's. We went to the one at the Naaz cinema lane, near Aminabad. The original one is at Chowk,in the old city.This is where Haji Murad Ali single handedly began this 100 year journey of world Kebab domination! Tunday Kababs deserve all the accolades that they enjoy. Their famous Galauti Kabab is a riot of flavours and just melts in the mouth. What one remembers is how the flavours of the 160 ingredients that go into creating this kebab reveal themselves layer after layers...wonder how Ghalib or Mir would have described these kebabs in their poetry. We had decided to get Kebabs packed next day for our friends in Mumbai. So we thought of going slow that evening and ordered only one plate with one Ulte Tawe ka paratha. But no true lover of good food can eat just one Galauti there. We ended up ordering another plate with Sheermal. They are heavenly and quite reasonably priced too!