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The waters here are shallow and thus one can visit the place round the year.
Enjoy the water sports here get an adrenaline rush
There is no entry fee to visit the beach.
All year
Families, Solo
5 out of 7 attractions in Mandvi

Mandvi Beach

This beach at Ahmedpur is considered to be the best in all of Gujarat and is a great place to vacation, soak in the sun while lying on its sandy beaches. The water is fine for wading or swimming and one will spot a number of sand castles being built by kids all along the beach. One can also make the most of the water sports like skiing, parasailing, surfing, water scooters and speed boats that are available at the beach. Indeed, Mandvi Beach is a great place for one to vacation and has become a favourite spot with the locals and as well as the tourists.
Aakanksha Magan
The sun-kissed sand and cool and breezy waters make Mandvi Beach a great destination. Watch the windmills and birds, take a short camel ride along the beach or simply walk on the soft sand with cool sea water brushing up against your feet.
Piyush Tripathi
One of the prettiest beaches in India, Mandvi beach is situated in Kutch district of Gujarat. Trust me, you would rank as best if you plan to enjoy a sunset there.
Ronojoy Sinha
After much deliberation we decided to move on and check out the next place on our list. After a treacherous 3 hour ride we finally reached our destination - Mandvi Beach. When you think of beach, you probably might imagine yourself holding a beer and listening to some tropical music.Mandvi will remove that thought from your mind, all i can say about Mandvi is that it’s different. Different from all the other beaches you might have gone to.With scores of local food joints and activities happening around you, you won't be disappointed.After gorging on some delicious local cuisine we decided to move out as it was getting darker and we still had to cover quite a bit.
Rohit Singh
Vijaya Vilas Palace which is around 5-8 km from Mandvi. It has its own private beach. This palace has been used as the set in many Hindi films and has now become a popular tourist destination. Hum Dil Dechuke Sanam was shot here..
Umang Dave
Mandvi is the ideal getaway location. Mandvi offers you one of the nicest beach of our country and a beautiful ‘Vijay Vilas Palace’ which attracted many of the bollywood film production to shoot there. Mandvi is an hour down the road from Bhuj and is a busy little place with an amazing shipbuilding yard. Hundreds of men construct, by hand, these wooden beauties for faraway Arab merchants.
Anmol Deep
We rose with the morning sun, enjoying the view of countless seagulls flying over the Mandvi beach. Next, we visited the shipyard on the banks of the Rukmavati river. One couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship behind the countless boats and ships.
Pankaj Chavan
Once I crossed Bhuj by 1630, I could see green farms ahead on the Mandvi road. This was picturesque as well. Clock was ticking so was my speedometer. At 1730 I touched down at Mandvi beach. What a fantastic ride. Parked my bike and headed to beach straight away.
Le Voyageur
2) Mandvi, GujaratMandvi possesses a majestic view of the Arabian Sea. The beach is a curving stretch of white sand fringed by blue waters, with windmills on one side. Camel and horse rides on the beach dunes are the speciality here.
Sulekha Singh
Mandavi is around 60 kms from Bhuj, buses keeps on running frequently in every 10 minutes. Beach is 2 kms from Bus stand. Its very nice beach, you can see wind mill closely from there and camel riding, horse riding was also available there, along with small water rides. Water was quite clean and there was proper changing washrooms there, in case you want to have fun.
Nirbhay Kumar Singh
Aniesh Chawla
It is a private beach owned by Mandvi Beach Resort and one of the cleanest one that we have visited. You can stay at this beach in the luxurious tents or just spend a day( as we did) by paying 550 INR per person(lunch is complimentary). Last day we spent at Mandvi beach which was the most relaxing part of the trip. We had to skip eating Dabeli at Mandvi because of time constraint (Madvi is place where Dabeli was invented). We felt that we should have spent more time at each destination but then we hope we go back again someday.
Aditi Kumar
The beach is about 8 - 10 kms away from the palace. Its about 25 minutes drive if the way is known. Mandvi beach is a treat, the water is not harsh and saline like other sea water. The waves are gentle giving one plenty of chances to float in the sea. The sunset view from the water or the beach both is breathtaking. The clean beach and the tall standing windmills from one end to the other makes it picturesque:)
A silent, non- commercialized beach.. which is actually a relief. A great place to relax.