Mirissa Beach 1/5 by Tripoto
December - May
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Mirissa Beach

Mallika Hatimuria
Early morning Whale watching at MirissaCycle around the Galle fortTalk a walk around the historical siteView the Sunset
In the evening, I left for the beach. The blue water and the blue sky complemented each other. I got into the shallow water and while I was enjoying myself two mammoth size waves hit me. First, I tumbled into the water and as soon as I tried to get on my feet, the second wave pushed me to the ground. I felt an excruciating pain on my right knee. I sensed something bad has happened. Somehow, I came out of the water, changed and headed for the resort.
Jeremy Noronha
After Spiti Valley, I thought I would explore Sri Lanka for a month but instead ended up spending nearly a month learning to surf and then surfing my days away on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka! It was super fun. I remember booking my flights to Sri Lanka because a blog I like mentioned that it had beautiful sunsets! Hehe :)
Gunjan Upreti
Famous for its laid-back vibe, Mirissa Beach is located 4km southeast of Weligama. Dotted with beach-side bars and restaurants, Mirissa Beach is one of the south coast’s most intimate beaches. Besides the glorious view of the beach, Mirissa Beach is also a great place to go whale-watching.Things to do: Go for a swim; Indulge in water-sports such as surfing; Spot dolphins and whales; Go fishing; Spend some time lounging around the beach.
Nikita Bharadia
Day 2: Travel to Mirissa for Marine Safari. It starts at 7 am and can last untill 1 pm. You may view the magnificent blue whale if you are lucky. Safari can cause sea sickness and hence take necessary precautions.
One can make day trips to Mirissa for whale watching and Hikkaduwa for surfing. Whale watching tours start very early in the morning where one is picked up from the hotel and taken to Mirissa, which is 50 kms away for whale watching.
Khyati Maloo
Mirrisa: This can be your base to do the west coast of Sri Lanka. Waves are amazing, food is delicious and stays are convenient.
Antara Sen
3) Whale and Dolphin watching On the second last day of our visit to Sri Lanka, we decided to go whale watching. We were staying in Bentota beach in the South and had to drive to Mirissa beach, which is considered one of the best places in the world to watch whales. We had to leave Bentota at five in the morning as Mirissa is a two hour ride away and the boats leave the harbour at 7 am.We had booked ourselves with an excellent company called 'Geeth and the Whales', whose guides were very knowledgeable regarding the precise spots where whales and dolphins are found. We entered the deep seas as the sun rose and with the spray of salt water on our faces, we truly felt like the kings of the world. Within an hour, we spotted the blue whale as it emerged from the water to perform an elegant tail flip.Everyone on the boat fell silent, humbled as we had witnessed the largest living mammal in the world. Over the course of the next two hours, we had several sightings of the blue whale and dolphins. This is an experience in Sri Lanka that must not be missed.
Mirissa is famous for whale watching so book yourself a tour that starts at 7 am and head to the ocean to catch a glimpse of these gentle giants of the ocean. We were lucky enough to spot blue whales, dolphins, and plenty of flying fish.