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Nirzher Agarwal
Khuangchera PukKhuangchera Puk is one of the best cave amongst the three famous caves in Mizoram. It is located 3 kms before the village Reiek at the end of Village Ailawng. This is one of the must visit place in Mizoram. Caves are something which are actually difficult to explore (Specially alone), not physically but mentally. They are made against the human psychology in every way. When you get inside the cave, you are surrounded by the long rock walls from all sides, confined to a very small path to travel into the darkness and nothing. Khuangchera Puk route is narrowed down to such an extent that your mind will mentally block you for even the slightest chance of going ahead. If you move even in such scenario then believe me, you are a daredevil in life. But beware, It’s a big no if you are on a solo trip. (Now I have understood why everyone in that village were staring at me when I was asking about the cave roaming alone)