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Kanj Saurav
How to reach?You can reach Chawngtlai by taking a cab from Aizawl, Mizoram. This international journey will take you about 6 hrs. Direct flights to Aizawl are available from all major cities of India. Do you know of any strange places in India that you would want the Tripoto Community to know about. Share your stories with Tripoto.
Sumita Bhattacharya
From the lake, we headed to the historical village of Chawngtlai, a site of ancient Mizo culture. A bevy of people warmly shook our hands as we arrived, guiding us up a narrow hillside trail towards a clearing with one of the most intimidating sights I've ever seen - a massive tree hung with human heads swaying in the breeze. A plaque nearby identified it as a Sahlam tree.