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Day 2: Ride to Reiek Village and Trek to Reiek PeakTropic of CancerFor all Geography enthusiasts, it is a defining moment to stand right on the imaginary line of Tropic of Cancer which passes through Maubuang Lungsai hamlet near Aizawl. It is on the way to your trip to Reiek.
Nirzher Agarwal
ReiekReiek is a small Heritage Village. The best time to visit the village is at the time of Anthurium festival which is a three day festival in the month of September. The Festival is named after a traditional Mizo flower Anthurium. I was unlucky to miss the festival by a single day. If someone wants to understand the Mizo culture then Reiek is the best place to visit. The small bamboo sheet homes and the traditional attire of the people will speak much more than any historical book. The very simple way of living and the view of children playing around will take you back to the tribal era for once.The best part of solo trip is that one can actually feel the culture and merge with it while for the rest of the time he never existed. Hence one can live the life of a society and still be unknown to everyone. Roaming in the small town and observing the people, I have realised that the people here are very humble and at first glance we generally predict them as introvert while in reality they are not. The people here wants to interact but the problem is language..! Mizo people don’t know Hindi or English except for the learned ones, who are very rare to find in a village like Reiek. Here people try to interact and they actually try very hard to make you understand but give up in a while, assuming that they won’t be able to tell. Hence we consider them to be introvert….There is a Cliff top astride the village known as Reiek Top. The Top can be reached after a trek of 2-3 km inside dense jungle climbing up. Enroute one will encounter a cemetery and few caves. During this trek, I was lucky enough to meet two good pals who accompanied me during the small trek and gave me the wonderful opportunity to have an insight of the locals. Being alone, these fellas offered me to join them. The trek took a detour when suddenly after completing  2 kms of climb we took a right turn and the jungle was opened into the meadows and a clear view in front. It will take you sometime to take your eyes off the magnificent view and understood that you are standing right on the edge of the cliff. We climb along the cliff to reach the reiek top. Reiek top is a Cliff top having a serene view of Aizawl valley to its east and the no of ridges decreasing in the west. During a clear sky one can even view Bangladesh from here.  The Cliff is 200-300 m deep and the golden strip of River Tlawng can be seen from the top. There is a sightseeing shed on Reiek top and a direction clock top to various ridges in vicinty. A few deep breaths and all your exhaustion will purge into air. After spending around half hour, we returned back from the beautiful meadows. One has to be cautious about the untimely rain while going on the trek and one should avoid the trek after 1500 hrs in a day.