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Vantawng Falls

Day 9: VantwangVantwang Waterfalls is one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in the country. It is the highest waterfall in Mizoram and the 13th highest of the country. The waterfalls are tucked in between green valleys and look like a river of white milk from the distance. You cannot go close to the waterfall because of the dense forest. You have to see it from the viewpoint on the other side. Further upstream you can find Tuirihiau Falls. Explore the nearby villages to get an insight into the Mizo way of life.
Ragini Mehra
Drive down for another 40 kilometres (1.5 hours) to reach Thenzawl, a peaceful small town known for its serene environs. Just five kilometres from here is Mizoram’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Vantawng Falls. The 13th highest waterfall in India, this cascading beauty attracts tourists from all over the country is the pride of the state of Mizoram.