Antop Hill

Abhigya S
Baha'i Gulistan & Armenian CemeteryEtched with floral motifs and canopied by trees and flowers, are the graves where the Persian souls rest. The Baha'i faith finds its roots in India as far back as the early 1800s.And even before the Baha'i community, Armenians arrived in Bombay in the 16th and 17th century from the Armenian Highland. These people from Tehran, Constantinople and Armenia, settled in Bombay and Calcutta majorly and had strong trade relations in India.Managed by: Baha'i Community of MumbaiQuirky quotient: The Armenian community now has almost disappeared from Mumbai, there are a few living in Kolkata though. Thus, people from the Baha'i faith now use the adjoining Armenian graveyard as their burial ground too. The Baha'i people celebrate death, and thus, their graves are ornamented with flowers and golden engravings, making it a Gulistan. The Armenian graves are etched with beautiful Armenian epitaphs and eulogies.