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Ashok Vada Pav

The next stop for me was Ashok vada pav, Like how Chicken biryani is for Hyderabad..Vada pav is for mumbai. Never ever miss having Vada pav if you are in mumbai. And the best place to get it is Ashok vada pav. Ashok vada pav is very nearer to Sidhi vinayak mandir, you can go by walk or you can opt autos. Believe me, i didnt had lunch on that day, i had four vada pavs. They are so good that i had them like i was having my lunch. This vada pav is to die for.
I had to start the list with the most popular one! Standing strong for over two decades, Ashok Vada Pav stall has proven to be a certified maven at serving the city’s favourite street snack: Vada Pav! Keeping aside this hype, Ashok Vada Pav stall has made a remark in creating another version, fondly called as the ‘Choora Pav’ where they mix the Choora with chutney and stuff it inside the Pav.
Apeksha Mahto
How can we just forget vada pav, Mumbai is famous for this. We have to wait in long queue before we could find way, but the taste was worth it. The chutneys were lip-smacking, this was the best vada pav I had in my life. Definitely find time and visit this place.We missed on parsi food, there are many cafes that serve authentic parsi meal. Do find time and visit one of them.