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Bandstand Promenade

Sreshti Verma
12. Spend the weekend swaying at Bandstand.The top things to do in Mumbai don't have to include spending a lot of money for a memorable experience. Every Saturday and Sunday of the winter months, the BMC (Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika Suraksha Dal) Band performs all over the public parks, Bandstand and gardens of Mumbai. The performance entails crowd-pleasers of all sorts, such as old Hindi film songs, patriotic number, Scottish marches and even tunes of Beethoven and Mozart.Contact: SM Kamble on 2596-5257 for the schedule and performances usually begin from October.13. Rent a bicycle and take an early morning tour of Mumbai by yourselfThe best way to experience the life of Mumbai is to see it wake slowly and then all at once. The people who are the lifeline of the city, begin their chores and day at the break of dawn and you can get a glimpse of them by taking an early morning cycling tour. Take a circuitous route beginning from Kailash Parbat Restaurant in Colaba, to Sasson Doc and the kolis of Mumbai. You can make a route of your own and follow Google maps while you ride. Renting a bicycle is extremely convenient and affordable.Cost: ₹100-200 per day for renting a bicycle
This picture is taken from Bandra side of the sea link which will end on the Worli fort side. I am standing at Bandra fort near the exotic Taj Lands End. A five star luxury property facing the Arabian sea.I always felt, the B in Bollywood stood for Bandra. I couldn't think of Bombay, as I grew up calling my city as Mumbai. Bandra fits well because some of the movie celebrities stay here. Salman bhai and Shahrukh bhai are the two big shots I know. It wouldn't be wrong if Salman is called as the king of Bandra. Few years ago, I saw a news which said that Salman own maximum real estate plots in this area. Didn't verify it, though. But, I think, he would. If he's not then who would?Both the stars are loved by our people and you will find crowds outside their houses. One day, a family in an auto rickshaw stopped and asked me about Salman's house. To be honest, I didn't know at that time and also the rickshaw driver had no clue. I admire them but never stood in front of their houses waving at them. Mumbai is so fast paced that who has time for all these activities. A true Mumbaikar will never waste time on celebrities. It is the excitement in the hearts of the small towners who go berserk at them. I never did. I only have one picture clicked with Vidya Balan that too with her permission which she denied at first.  After walking several steps, she halted and asked her sister to click the picture. So generous and kind of her to do that. I was overwhelmed. Thanks to her. Bandra is the coolest place to hangout for most. I personally, connect with South Mumbai - Marine Drive and Colaba. I usually visit Bandra for Band stand and Mount Mary. You can also visit the Bandra Reclamation and Carter's Road. Carter road is also known for Celebrities.Recently, I went to the church after a decade for the feast. It brought back beautiful memories of our childhood. 
Yasmin Mirza
Bandra Bandstand : This is also know as “Bandstand Promenade” and “Bandra Terminal” which is 1.2 km long walkway along the sea. You will see the beautiful Bandra fort while walking on along the sea. From the top of Bandra Fort you will see the beautiful view of “Bandra-Worli Sea Link”. This sea link looks amazing in the night, lights of city makes it more beautiful and the combination of sea and sea-link looks wow.Good news for the fans of king khan, king’s house “Mannat” is present here facing the sea. Also you can see the Salman khan’s apartment here.
Aakanksha Magan
Bandstand is a stretch of rocks near the sea and the best place to enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Frequented by tourists and locals alike, Bandra Bandstand is an iconic destination you just can't miss.
Aarush Tandon
The road that takes you past Shahrukh Khan's Mannat. The place also features Bandstand beach, a perfect spot to observe sunset along with St Agnel's Church.