Basilica Of Our Lady of The Mount

To all those girls who are scared to leave their comfort zones, dont doubt your capabilities. If you think your shoes can't rest, then don't defense your doubt rather support your instincts. Live your dreams, visit the places you dream of, for beauty lies in the boldness. I once travelled the city of dreams alone. I was afraid but don't know what exactly was scaring me. Was it my selfdoubts or the citylights, skyscrapers, revengeful tides, that I never belonged to. But once I stepped out alone, all my doubts vanished in the breeze on the coast of the endless sea. My veins filled up with confidence. My eyes captured the views my phone couldn't. My hairs tuned in to the air of the city. My feet tirelessly measured the unknown streets. My mouth gulped the savory bites from khav Khali. My heart marked an unforgettable journey in the block of memories.A city is never strange once you go with open arms.