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Bhaucha Dhakka

Vivek Rauthan
After reaching at Bhaucha dekka, we drive to our hotel which is located near to the airport through our google map..!!We said thanks to our bike, which take care of us in whole tour :) Handover the bike to the rented company. In night, we celebrated our successful conquered of Maharashtra by chill beer (we always say child instead of chill).. and said thanks to god for taking care of us and making it successful. off to the bed.18 Jan: Flight back :)Took the taxi for airport to fly back to our respect destinations.This was a magnificent and memorable tour. We felt more closer, proud & respect for our culture & traditions ...... indeed India is 'Incredible' with vibrant colors ..!!We finished our tour by this quotation : "He who returns from the journey is not the same as he who left"