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Bhuleshwar: Bhuleshwar is "go-to" place for traditional shopping if you have any wedding or function to attend. Lehenga Choli, traditional dresses, Artificial Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Bangles, make-up accessories and branded hand bags are the highlight of this market.
Sangeeta Patel
Well, today, I felt like writing about the heritage walks that I have done lately. Two so far. The first one was in Mumbai itself. A walk in Bhuleswar with RaahGeer (, an initiative by Deepa Nandi and her colleague. Well, it began on a fine Sunday morning. Enthusiastic individuals from different parts of the city gathered at Charni Circle at around 7 am. And, then we started the walk. Deepa started off introducing herself and Raahgeer and we had a short introduction among ourselves. Most of the junta was architecture college students. Few from media, some history lovers and me :). We had a local guide too to take us through the place and give us anecdotes here and there. So, it began with the Goshala where the guide, Manish told us about the diary industry and how it can be harsh for the animals. Along with that, he explained us a few tenets of architecture in the buildings around particularly, the Jain and Gujarati influence. And then, we had the famous Chocolate Tea at a nearby place. And, then we headed through the busy and narrow lanes hopping on from one Jain temple to another. Then, we also visited the first temple of Mumbai, dating 1000 years old.Swami narayan mandir, Hanuman temple..I remember seeing a collapsible staircase in the Hanuman Temple. Never seen one :). Well, that's called creativity in a space crunched city :). And then, we came across mouth watering veg treats; places which host the best vegetarian food in Mumbai. Infact, one place sells almost 40 different varieties of khichdi. Can you beat that ? :P Moving on, we explored different forms of architectural motifs, signs, designs in dilapidated buildings, corners. Well, a Banaras in Mumbai, I must confess !!.The walk further ended at the Mumbadevi temple and Crawford Market. We dispersed with good memories and then hogged on yummy food :).
Priti Raman Vishwakarma
11. Bhuleshwar Market: Best place to shop during wedding season. Beautiful traditional wear and Rajasthani accessories are the uniqueness of this place. Full with Marwari and gujarati people as it offers wide range of Rajasthani items. Apart from traditional wear, it offers options in western wear also but not so good. Best time to explore in Navratri.How to reach: nearby station Charni Road and take a share taxi to reach market