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Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room

The Fragile Cargo
Burma BurmaCuisine type : BurmeseCost for 2 : INR 1,500Recommendations: Samuza Hincho (Samosa served in Tangy soup), Tayat Thi Thoke (Raw Mango Salad), Kyar Yoe Kyaw (Lotus Stem Crisps), Burma Burma Oh No Khow Suey - This dish is a definite DO NOT MISS. Oh No Na Nat Thi (Coco Pina) - A chilled coconut custard as the perfect dessert. For chocolate lovers - You must try the Chocolate Caramel Dome. Lastly, The Kaffir Lime Cooler to quench your thirst!
An all-vegetarian Burmese cuisine restaurant that uses handed-down family recipes, Burma Burma is your go-to place for khowsuey and samosa soup. A wide range of tea menu is comforting.
Sreshti Verma
The idea of Burmese cuisine was reserved to khao suey, until Burma Burma, a completely vegetarian restaurant opened up in Gurgaon. Inclining more towards the Buddhist aspect of Burmese flavours, Burma Burma serves up delicious textural contrasts with complimentary teas. One visit, and this place will have you hooked to its delicate flavours!Where: Ground Floor, Shop 6, Building 8, Tower C, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, GurgaonCost for two: ₹1,500 (approx.)Must try: Monkey-picked Oolong Tea and Dry Khaosuey5. Malay