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Cafe Universal

Neehar Mishra
Good food, cheap beer, cute ambience
Bharti Singh
Though I began this post by saying there’s so much to Bombay than just multiplexes and restaurants, I know it’s our favourite way of passing time. So for those hard core foodies and movie buffs, here’s my recommendation – head to Cafe Universal in Fort (On Sundays it’s open from 6pm onwards). Lonely Planet describes it as “a little bit of France near CST“. But this is better than France I can tell you. The food (try their burgers), high ceiling, wooden interiors, big windows and the warm lighting makes you feel right at home. It’s never noisy here. And they serve beer with peanuts. That’s something we all should value. They will never rush you. When you do get tired of all the drinking and eating and just sitting, you can finally proceed to Sterling Cinema. It’s about 5-10 minutes from Universal. There! You have your food + movie plan sorted. Cost: Depends on how much you eat and drink. Universal isn’t pricey. Hours Spent: Half a day. After the movie if you still have the energy and inclination to eat / drink more, then there’s yet another charming place that’s left to explore – Town House Cafe right next to Sterling will charm you with its music and menu. Great food. Great service. And prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Town House Cafe has a coffee shop on the ground floor which I haven’t tried but can vouch for the pub upstairs. It’s my favourite in town.